This is for Overwhelmed Professionals Over 30 Who Are Frustrated With Their Weight And Want To Try My Proven Holistic Weight Loss Formula Without Starving Yourself Or Spending Hours In The Gym

I have created an online course that will teach you the formula that has worked for hundreds of my clients. I discovered this formula after 20 years working in the health and fitness industry, sports medicine, cardiac rehab and health care.  I used to be 25 lbs heavier than I am now and I used this method to shed the weight and improve my health in only 30 Days. The good news is you don't have to deprive or starve yourself. In fact you may need to eat more of the right foods for your body type. You don't need to spend hours in the gym to get lean and improve your health however you will be expected to move your body consistently to get faster results.  I've spent thousands of dollars and years of training to learn this system that I know will help people shift the stubborn weight and improve their health without expensive diets, meal plans or spending hours working out in the gym.

This course will help you

Here's How It Works
6 Step Blueprint

  • ​ Lose weight which means you will look better and your clothes that you love will fit you again
  •  Lose inches in all the right places so you will feel more comfortable in your clothes and people will notice you
  •  Decrease Body Fat which means your body will be healthier and you will live longer
  • ​Increase Metabolism so you  can burn more calories at rest and not worry so much about how much you're eating
  • ​Increase Energy which means you can do all the fun things you want to do without wanting to fall asleep
  • ​Feel more Confident so you never have to worry about how you look or be afraid when someone is taking your photo
  • ​Feel More Attractive which means you will probably get more attention from your partner or the opposite sex if you're single
  • ​Become Fitter so you can challenge yourself again and sign up for a race or play sports again.
  • ​Become Stronger so you can lift heavy things with ease and reduce your risk of injury.
  •  Set up the conditions for inevitable success
  •  What to eat for your unique body type
  •  How to turn these healthy habits into behaviors that last
  • ​Strong mindset and belief in yourself
  • ​Move your body consistently to keep your energy levels high and your metabolism in overdrive
  • ​High Level Support & Accountability!

How It Works
30 Coaching Modules

  •  What Is Your Why?
  • Create Your Own Vision Board
  • Eating For Energy & Performance
  • ​Clear The Clutter
  • ​Honoring Hunger & Fullness
  • ​Sleeping Tips
  • ​Stress Management
  • ​Procrastination Tips
  • ​How much Exercise Should I Do?
  • ​Secrets to Burning More Fat
  • ​Attitude Change 
  • ​Focusing Your Choices
  • ​Live A Life Of Abundance & Freedom
  • ​Mental Rehearsal
  • ​Personal Nourishment
  • ​​Block Scheduling For Success
  • ​​Kick The Sugar Habit For Good
  • ​Honoring Your No's
  • ​Mindful Eating For Better Health
  • ​​Unlocking Your Personal Power
  • ​Personal Power Part 2
  • ​Productive Mornings
  • ​Body Weight Exercises at Home
  • ​Make Habits That Stick
  • ​How To Curb Carb Cravings
  • ​Acknowledgement
  • ​The Life Inventory Exercise
  • ​Desire List
  • ​Who Am I
  • ​Empowering Lessons


  • This workbook takes you through 30 days to get lean, with practical exercises and worksheets
  • ​Learn What To Eat
  • ​Learn How To Eat (Timing and Mindfulness)
  • ​Increase your metabolism 
  • ​Strengthen mindset
  • ​ Get Stronger
  • ​Get Fitter
  • ​Get Focused
  • ​Get Clarity
  • ​Learn How To Kick the Sugar Habit
  • ​Learn How To Manage Stress Better
  • ​Sleep Tips
  • ​How to Manage Emotional Eating
  • ​Improve your health using all the tools and strategies I've learned in my 20 years working in the health and fitness industry as an exercise physiologist and health and life coach. 
  • ​Focus on a different aspect of your health each day for 30 days. 
  • ​Covers everything from mindset to what exercises to do and what to eat to boost your metabolism. 
This workbook is a game changer for people struggling with losing weight. Includes my 6 step blueprint to get lean from a holistic perspective. This has worked for many of my clients and will motivate you and hold you accountable each day to complete the action steps and follow my suggestions to improve your health each day focusing on different aspects of your health such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, breathing and goal setting, support and accountability.


  • Packed full of delicious healthy recipes to help you on your journey to get lean. so you never run out of ideas on what to cook for dinner.
  • Great healthy and nutritious ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts. 
  • Vegetarian options

Weight Loss Hacks E-book

  • Evidence based weight loss research
  • Comprehensive (Over 300 pages)
  • ​Professional E-book can be viewed on iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Laptop/PC

Are You Willing To Invest In Your Health?

What Will It Cost You If You Don't Take Action Now?

  • Feel Better so you're not constantly complaining to your partner or whoever that you don't feel good
  • ​Have More Energy so you can do all the fun things you want to do without falling asleep all the time
  • ​Look Better Naked so you can have a better relationship with your partner
  • ​Have More Confidence which means you won't be worried about how you look and afraid to get your picture taken anymore
  • ​Be Fit Enough To Play with your Kids or Grand kids so no more excuses as to why you can't join in the fun and games
  • ​Be Able To Do All The Things You Enjoy Doing without Getting Out Of Breath All The Time such as hiking, kayaking, swimming, cycling or sports with friends or family
  • ​Be Stronger so you can lift things with ease and impress others with your strength

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Attack
  • ​Stroke
  • ​Early Death
  • ​Loss Of Mobility
  • ​High Cholesterol
  • ​Digestive Issues
  • ​Obesity
  • ​Chronic Disease
  • ​Depression
30 Day Money 
Back Guarantee
What if it doesn’t work for me?
I include a 100% money back guarantee with all my programs if you are not at all satisfied. I’m Confident That You Will Love My Program So Much And See The Value In It That I Am Willing To Give You All Your Money Back If You Don’t Like It Or Don’t Think It’s For You.  

I will show you what to do and do my best to motivate you and keep you moving forward with all the tools and technology at my disposal however you have to put in the work and want to do it so if you are not happy with the program for any reason I will happily refund you your money within 30 days of Purchase. No questions or hassles.


Still not convinced Yet?


"Real results for my 30 day Get Lean plan with Invigor8 coaching . What you see in the pictures, however, is just the external output. What happened internally and mentally is where things happened even more. Only 30 days have made me feel SO much better about myself and in what I can accomplish. I can’t thank my coach enough for his encouragement and support! I am traditionally full of excuses and have always protect my comfort foods. BUT, with Mark’s help, I broke through those barriers to achieve greater things, and I feel confident I can eat better and exercise while I continue my journey. This is just the beginning! Very happy with the results so far 😊 Thank You Mark Morrison!

1-Mark let me complain, and validated my feelings while challenging me to show up for myself
2-Mark texted me and checked in with me daily
3-Mark offered connections and help in my business through coaching sessions and talks
4-Mark creatively used my reasons for change and my “why” as well as people I look up to, to motivate me and remind me of why I’m doing this
5-Mark let me flounder when I felt like something wasn’t working, and didn’t throw up his hands and walk away when I pushed back. He wouldn’t dream of doing that. He stuck with me and was a source of stability and strength while I struggled.
Contact Mark!  💪🏼👍🏼😉"


“I started working with Mark of Invigor8 coaching over the course of 3 months or so to help me lose weight however we ended up working on so much more in other areas of my life. Thanks to Mark’s friendly and supportive demeanor I learned to be more mindful when it came to managing my stress level and how that was connected to my bodies ability to burn fat.

I also learned what activities gave me energy and what drained me so this allowed me to plug the energy drains and spend more time recharging myself so that I could be more fully present and engaged with my family and friends. This inspired me to set stronger boundaries in my life and stop doing things that I only did out of guilt and this gave me more energy to do the things I enjoyed doing.

I was much happier and less stressed as a result of this. Mark held me accountable each week to make healthier food choices and meal prep more often so I wasn’t tempted to make poor choices when I was hungry. We even went running together and I was inspired to push myself harder than I usually do!

Mark gave me simple tools and strategies that I used daily to keep me motivated and stay on track. I’m happy to report that I lost 5lbs and I lost inches and body fat! I recommend Invigor8 coaching to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up and get healthy! ”


“A great big thanks to you for working with me this past few months… had belief where I had none….you’re enthusiasm for what you do shone throughout our program….
I set out at beginning to trim some pounds for my daughters wedding…..I dropped a dress size! Wow and am still on track to drop another dress size…..
So pleased I have more energy also for my grandchildren! Invigor8 Rock….woohoo!”


“Invigor8 coaching gave me the tools and techniques to stay motivated in my exercise regimen and be more aware and mindful in managing my stress to help with fat metabolism. I needed to slow down and clean up my diet to shift excess weight and get lean.

Mark was very helpful and encouraging during our time together, and helped me challenged myself to push through my weight-loss plateau. My relationship with food improved and I learned many techniques to maintain a healthy (fit & social) balance. I feel better, less stressed and have more energy to keep up with working full-time and balancing my busy lifestyle and looking after my kids, family and career.

I also got my metabolism tested by Mark and learned how many specific calories my body needs (on workout and rest days) to lose weight which helped me to lose a significant amount of weight and inches! No more guessing.”
Thank you Mark!

Estella D

I had the opportunity to work with Mark for 12 weeks as my health coach. He helped me make changes I had been wanting to make for years. Mark is really an expert in his field. Anyone that gets to work with him will really be working with the best.

April Kinder

Working with Mark at Invigor8 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He created a programme tailored to me and worked through several techniques to help optimise the results, changing tack when I was struggling to engage with my goals and really focusing on my motivating factors and understanding what makes me tick. This certainly wasn’t coaching by numbers!
I started the programme looking to rediscover my fitness mojo and, with Mark’s help, not only managed to do this but also make massive leaps towards wider life goals that had been gathering dust for years. All of this happened in just 12 weeks and put me on a much more positive path. I really can’t recommend Invigor8 highly enough – thanks Mark!

James Simpson

Most of the materials and resources will be in PDF format which can be viewed on any PC, Mac, iPhone or Android, tablet, Kindle and other e-readers. Coaching can be face to face, over the phone, FaceTime or any other video conferencing technology such as Zoom. You will also have access to my private Facebook group with other clients who are on the program where I will answer questions and motivate and encourage you to stay the course.

Mike Dudley 30 Day Results
I went to Mark seeking to get back in shape after about a year long hiatus from the gym. He was very easy to work with, professional and knowledgeable. He helped me go from 25% body fat down to 16% in just a few short weeks. If you’re looking for an experienced fitness instructor to help with diet and exercise Mark is your guy!
Matthew Gunter 30 Day Results
With Covid, it was hard to get out to the gym and keep a normal routine. Marks lean in 30 day program fixed that with great in home work outs and meal plans! Even lost 9lbs!
This has been and continues to be a great learning adventure.  

Before I hired Mark 6 weeks ago, I would start diets and do very well for a week but then go back my bad eating habits. I am not the typical person trying to lose weight. I am ex D1 All American offensive lineman. I had back fusion last year and I am limited in what types of exercises/workouts. I met with Mark every week to go over the highs and lows of the previous week. 

 He completely changed my work out and what types of food and when is the best time to eat the foods. If something is not working we change it a little or a lot. I have lost 8 pounds but I have lost 4 inches around the waste. My stomach is starting to flattened out. I know this does not sound like a lot but this is a life change and I will continue to lose weight and keep it off. 

 Everyday I receive a motivational picture or a saying. Its nice to be able to call him with questions. He has a BA and Masters in Kinesiology. He is the real deal. If you are ready for a life change this is the Health Coach. Call Him!

Darrell Clapp

Super Cool Bonus #1 (Worth $25):
How to Lose Weight When Nothing Is Working. 
Practical advice on what you can do from a holistic perspective to lose more stubborn weight and increase your metabolism.
Super Cool Bonus #2 (Worth $25):
The Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Look Fabulous Over 50. 

Get practical tips on how to look after your health from a holistic perspective
Super Cool Bonus # 3 (Worth $25):
Smart Goal Planner and Activity Organizer
Includes stages of behavior change with decisional balance to help you get clarity on what behavior needs changing, 7 day activity planner and 6 month smart goal planner.
Super Cool Bonus # 4 (Worth $25):
7 Keys To Get Your Perfect Body
Includes practical and realistic tips and strategies to improve your health and improve your body shape and fitness.
Yes! Mark, I'm Ready To Purchase! EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
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When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!

Get Lean Workbook ($97 Value)

This workbook is a game changer for people struggling with losing weight. Includes my 6 step blueprint to  get lean from a holistic perspective. This has worked for many of my clients and will motivate you and hold you accountable each day to complete the action steps and follow my suggestions to improve your health each day focusing on different aspects of your health such as nutrition, exercise, stress management, breathing and goal setting, support and accountability.

Healthy Cook Books ($97 Value)

Healthy cook book with delicious recipes, pictures and directions to help you get lean. Includes breakdown of macros so you know what percentage of fats, carbs and proteins you are consuming. Vegetarian option.

Weight Loss Hacks E-Book ($47 Value)

Evidence based weight loss research
Comprehensive (Over 300 pages)
​Professional E-book can be viewed on iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Laptop/PC 
  • GET LEAN WORKBOOK​ ($97 Value)
  • The Healthy Cookbook with delicious recipes ($97 Value)
  • ​Weight Loss Hacks E-Book ($47 Value)
  • ​How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else Is Working ($25 value)
  • ​3 Easy Ways To Double Your Energy Today ($25 value)
  • ​The Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Look Fabulous Over 50 ($25 Value)
  • ​7 Keys To Get Your Perfect Body ($25)
  • ​Stages Of Behavior Change and Decisional Balance Worksheets ($25 Value)
  • Bonuses ($125 Value)
Total Value: $366
But today, you're getting all of this...
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